Internal and external marketplace

Create a course and share it

Create a course in three simple steps, whether it’s seminars, workshops, trainings, elearnings, webinars, blended learnings or coachings. Share your course offerings in your enterprise, with partners or clients.

Let colleagues be experts

Allow selected colleagues to create courses and share them internally or externally. Strengthen employee loyalty and engagement and support open innovation.

Organization groups

You want to share your education only with certain companies? Create organization groups and open your courses only for befriended companies or enterprises of your group.

Automatic invoicing

If you share knowledge with other companies, all your transactions will be realized by everycademy; no need to write any invoices. Earned money can either be transferred to your bank account or you can reuse it for your next training.

Pay by credit card

Convenient booking with VISA or MasterCard.

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