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Manage your companys course offerings

  • Online and offline courses
  • Statistics and reports
  • Automatic approvals
  • Automatic feedback
  • Automatic notifications
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Connect your colleagues and your company

  • Share web-links and documents
  • Organise peer groups
  • Manage coachings and mentorings
  • Connect with “befriended” companies
  • New, versatile course offerings
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Offer courses on our marketplace

  • Offline and online courses
  • Offer and sell courses
  • Automatic ticketing
  • Automatic invoicing
  • White Label
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We launched an internal leadership academy this year with 30 classes over 3 continents. The support during the setup was amazing. At first I was afraid in the beginning of integrating just another software into the company, but did not feel any resistance here. All in all a nice experience working with everycademy!
Anna Jakovleva - Head of HR, Adjust

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